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Anxiety in Today’s World

In these uncertain times, stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming.

Anxiety is one of the worst feelings there is. The pounding heart, the uncontrollable shaking, the racing thoughts and the impending sense of doom overwhelming you. Anxiety in certain situations is completely normal and expected, however, for some people it becomes overwhelming and debilitating when experienced on a regular basis.

The most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses are now anxiety disorders.

Understanding Your Subconscious – The Key to Anxiety

New Zealand comes in third for highest anxiety, with one in four, or 25% of our population being diagnosed with anxiety during their lifetime. As qualified, experienced mental health practitioners we are seeing more clients than ever before with mental health issues, including burnout from stress and anxiety.

The key to understanding anxiety lies in deciphering the messages from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is like the hard drive of a computer, running automatic scripts and programs based on past experiences and learnt behaviours. It regulates your involuntary bodily functions and aims to keep you safe, even if this means triggering anxiety or stress in response to perceived threats.

When you experience  anxiety, it’s often your subconscious reacting to a situation based on a past event, trying to protect you from a similar outcome. However, not every situation calls for this response, and over time, these overreactions can become problematic. The subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between an actual threat and an innocuous situation that resembles a past threat, leading to unwarranted anxiety and stress.

By using therapeutic approaches such as hypnotherapy and NLP, we can effectively communicate with the subconscious mind, rewiring these automatic responses and teaching it to react more appropriately to life’s situations. Understanding your subconscious mind is the first step in reclaiming control over your emotions, reducing anxiety, and regulate your nervous system.

Tailored Hypnotherapy Programs at Mind Body Health

Your subconscious records everything that happens to you and creates programs from those memories. Anxiety can be a faulty program and the fastest way to change subconscious programs is by using hypnotherapy and NLP techniques.

We will tailor a program just for you, based on your individual needs. Are you or someone you care about worried or fearful about health, money, the future, career, driving, exams, flying, spiders, snakes, or needles?

Do you need new techniques for stress relief? We customise your sessions to address all the issues related to you personally.

We Can Help You Get Control Of Anxiety

Holistic Approach to Overcoming Anxiety

At Mind Body Health, we believe in a holistic approach to overcoming stress and anxiety. We understand that these challenges are deeply interconnected with various aspects of your health, both physical and emotional. By examining and treating the whole person, we can get to the root of your anxiety, not just manage the symptoms. Our practitioners take into account all factors that influence health and well-being, including mind, body, spirit, and environment.

Our holistic approach combines traditional therapeutic methods with alternative modalities like hypnotherapy and NLP. We view the body as an integrated whole, recognising the critical link between your thoughts, emotions, and physical state.

We work collaboratively with you to understand your unique circumstances, devising a tailored plan to help reprogram your subconscious responses and heal your anxiety. This comprehensive approach empowers you with the tools to manage your stress, fostering a sense of control over your mental health and encouraging long-lasting, transformative change.

We help with anxiety of all kinds for ages 10+ and use a holistic approach.


How Hypnotherapy and NLP Techniques Reprogram Your Subconscious

What works for Anxiety?

Anxiety is triggered by the nervous system and the subconscious mind. Your subconscious controls all of your involuntary bodily functions and its number one job is to keep you safe and alive.

So, your subconscious believes that by triggering anxiety or the fight or flight response, it’s keeping you safe. Your subconscious needs to learn that by triggering anxiety in non-threatening situations, it’s not keeping you safe but causing you harm.


Anxiety, a complex emotion, manifests in various forms, each with its unique characteristics and triggers. These triggers become part of the subconscious mind’s programming, and this is why Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy are the best treatments for all forms of Anxiety. Anxiety Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, directly reprograms the subconscious mind with positive affirmations, so you can see your self in situations where you would normally have symptoms, but you are now asymptomatic. Under hypnosis for anxiety the hypnotherapist will ‘corrupt’ those programs that act as triggers for the anxiety, to alleviate or eliminate those symptoms.

The primary types of anxiety disorders include:

  • Generalised Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.)
  • Specific phobias
  • Agoraphobia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Selective Mutism
  • Medication-induced anxiety disorder

Each of these disorders, while rooted in anxiety, presents distinct symptoms and challenges. Fortunately, innovative treatments like anxiety hypnotherapy, including hypnosis for anxiety offer promising avenues for relief and recovery.


Types of Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder, often abbreviated as GAD, is characterized by persistent, excessive worry about various aspects of daily life, from health and work to personal relationships. Individuals with GAD often find it challenging to control their anxiety, leading to physical symptoms like fatigue, muscle tension, and sleep disturbances. Hypnotherapy treatment, especially anxiety relief hypnosis, has shown significant benefits for GAD patients. Through guided sessions, individuals learn deep relaxation techniques with hypnotherapy for anxiety, enabling them to manage and reduce their symptoms.

Panic Disorder

Panic disorder is marked by recurrent, unexpected panic attacks—intense episodes of fear accompanied by physical symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, and trembling. The fear of another attack can lead to avoidance behaviors, severely impacting daily life. Hypnosis therapy, particularly anxiety hypnosis, offers a transformative approach. By delving into the subconscious, hypnotherapy techniques for anxiety relief help individuals confront and neutralize triggers, reducing the frequency and intensity of panic attacks.

Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.)

Social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, revolves around an intense fear of social situations, stemming from worries about being judged, embarrassed, or humiliated. This can lead to avoidance of social events or extreme distress in such settings. Hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety, especially in the context of social phobias, has proven beneficial. Personalized hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety target the root causes, helping individuals build confidence and navigate social scenarios with ease.

Specific Phobias

Specific phobias pertain to an intense, irrational fear of specific objects or situations, such as heights, spiders, or flying. While the fear might seem disproportionate to others, for the individual, it’s overwhelming and often leads to avoidance behaviors. Using hypnosis to reduce anxiety symptoms associated with phobias has been transformative for many. By confronting and re-framing the feared object or situation in a safe, controlled environment, hypnotherapy empowers individuals to overcome their phobias.


Agoraphobia is the fear of being in situations where escape might be difficult, leading to avoidance of places like public transportation, open spaces, or crowded areas. This disorder can be debilitating, confining individuals to their homes. Hypnotherapy techniques for anxiety relief, especially for agoraphobia, focus on rebuilding a sense of safety and control. Through guided hypnosis for anxiety management, individuals can gradually expand their comfort zones and reclaim their freedom.

Separation Anxiety

While commonly associated with children, separation anxiety can affect adults too. It’s characterized by excessive fear or anxiety about separating from those to whom one is attached. Hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders, particularly separation anxiety, aims to build independence and resilience. By addressing the underlying fears and reinforcing a sense of security, hypnosis practices for calming anxiety can significantly alleviate symptoms

Selective Mutism

Selective mutism is a complex childhood anxiety disorder characterized by a child’s inability to speak in certain situations, like at school, despite speaking in other settings, like at home. Hypnotherapy for anxiety relief offers a gentle approach, using self-hypnosis techniques for anxiety to help children express themselves confidently across all environments.

Medication-Induced Anxiety Disorder

Certain medications can induce symptoms of anxiety or exacerbate existing anxiety disorders. Recognizing and managing this form of anxiety is crucial. Hypnotherapy treatment, especially when combined with medical consultation, can offer relief. By focusing on anxiety management hypnosis, individuals can navigate the challenges of medication-induced anxiety, finding balance and calm.


Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

The causes of anxiety disorders are multifaceted, often stemming from a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Traumatic events, family history of anxiety, and certain health conditions can increase the risk. Understanding these causes is pivotal for effective treatment. Hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders, especially when tailored to an individual’s unique triggers and experiences, offers a comprehensive approach to healing. Through sessions with a certified hypnotherapist for anxiety, individuals can uncover the root causes of their anxiety, paving the way for lasting relief.

Anxiety disorders manifest primarily as excessive fear or worry, often making it challenging for individuals to navigate daily life. These disorders can lead to difficulties in breathing, sleeping, and concentrating. Moreover, the inability to remain still often becomes a noticeable symptom. Each type of anxiety disorder presents its unique set of symptoms, but there are commonalities. Among the prevalent symptoms of anxiety disorders are feelings of panic, doom, or danger. These feelings can be so intense that they lead to physical manifestations such as cold, sweaty, numb, or tingling hands or feet. Heart palpitations, dry mouth, and nausea might also be experienced, accompanied by tense muscles and dizziness.

Furthermore, individuals with anxiety disorders often find themselves trapped in a cycle of rumination, thinking about a problem repeatedly without the ability to break free. This obsessive thinking can be paralyzing, making it hard to concentrate. In more severe cases, there’s an intense or obsessive avoidance of feared objects or places, further limiting their daily activities and experiences.

Common Anxiety Symptoms are:

  • Sleep problems
  • Not being able to stay calm and still
  • Panic, fear, and uneasiness
  • Feelings of panic, doom, or danger
  • Shortness of breath
  • Breathing faster and more quickly than normal (hyperventilation)
  • Heart palpitations
  • Cold, sweaty, numb, or tingling hands or feet
  • Tense muscles
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Thinking about a problem over and over again and unable to stop (rumination)
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Intensely or obsessively avoiding feared objects or places

Anxiety Disorder Causes and Risk Factors

The causes of anxiety disorders are multifaceted, often stemming from a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Traumatic events, family history of anxiety, and certain health conditions can increase the risk. Understanding these causes is pivotal for effective treatment. Hypnotherapy for anxiety disorders, especially when tailored to an individual’s unique triggers and experiences, offers a comprehensive approach to healing. Through sessions with a certified hypnotherapist for anxiety, individuals can uncover the root causes of their anxiety, paving the way for lasting relief.

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders can arise from a myriad of causes, from genetic predispositions and brain chemistry to life experiences and external stressors. Childhood traumas, environmental stress, and even certain physical conditions can trigger anxiety. Hypnotherapy for anxiety relief offers a transformative approach to understanding and addressing these causes. By delving deep into the subconscious, hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety help individuals confront and process their triggers, fostering a sense of peace and balance.

The Main Causes of Anxiety Disorder

  • Life Events & Environmental Stress: Ever been through a rough patch? Maybe you’ve faced childhood neglect, lost someone close, or witnessed something traumatic. These aren’t just bad memories; they can be root causes for anxiety disorders. It’s the heavy stuff that sticks with you.

  • Brain Chemistry: Let’s talk about the noggin. There’s some chatter in the science world about faulty brain circuits messing with our fear and emotions. Think of it like a miswired alarm system – sometimes it goes off when it shouldn’t.

  • Genetics: Ever heard the saying, “It runs in the family”? Well, anxiety can too. If your folks or siblings deal with it, there’s a chance you might as well.

  • Substance Use & Drug Withdrawal: Some folks use drugs or alcohol as a band-aid for anxiety symptoms. But here’s the kicker: not only can they mask the real issue, but quitting them can also ramp up anxiety levels. It’s a tricky cycle.

  • Medical Conditions: This one’s a curveball. Conditions related to the heart, lungs, or thyroid can mimic or amplify anxiety symptoms. So, if you’re feeling anxious, it’s a good shout to see a doc and rule out any physical health hiccups.


Anxiety, in its many forms, can cast a shadow over life’s joys and potentials. Yet, with the power of hypnotherapy, there’s a beacon of hope. Whether you’re in Auckland or anywhere in NZ, the journey to tranquility and control is within reach. Ready to embrace a life free from the shackles of anxiety? Dive into the world of hypnotherapy and discover the transformative potential within.

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