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Navigating the Journey with an Expert Who Understands

When it comes to managing ADHD, personal understanding and professional expertise merge to form a powerful alliance. As a dedicated ADHD therapist and hypnotherapist in Auckland, I believe in offering an authentic perspective – one that stems from my own experience with ADHD.

This unique vantage point ensures not only therapeutic guidance but also a deep-seated comprehension of the ADHD journey.

Why Choose a Therapist with ADHD?

Personal Understanding: Knowing ADHD from the inside out means that I can genuinely empathize with your experiences, challenges, and aspirations. This personal touch facilitates a deeper therapeutic connection, enhancing the efficacy of our sessions.

Tailored Advice: From the nuances of getting diagnosed to the myriad of therapeutic interventions available, my advice is molded by both professional training and personal journey.

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Comprehensive ADHD Therapy in Auckland

Diagnosis Guidance: Venturing into the world of ADHD diagnosis can be daunting. I’m here to guide you through the process, ensuring you understand each step and make informed decisions.

Medication Insights: Navigating ADHD medications can be complex. Together, we’ll explore potential options, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to make the best choices for your well-being.

Natural Treatments: For those seeking alternative or complementary treatments, we’ll delve into holistic approaches that cater to your unique ADHD profile.

ADHD Coaching: Beyond traditional therapy, ADHD coaching focuses on practical strategies to harness your strengths and mitigate challenges. From organizational techniques to cognitive tools, our sessions will be tailored to your specific needs.

Hypnotherapy for ADHD: As a seasoned hypnotherapist in Auckland, I integrate hypnotherapy techniques to tap into the subconscious, offering another dimension of healing and self-awareness.

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Caroline Cranshaw - ADHD Therapist

The Importance of Finding the Right ADHD Therapy in Auckland, NZ or Online

ADHD is not merely a label; it’s a dynamic aspect of one’s identity that can influence various life areas.

By choosing a therapist who understands this intricacy from both a personal and professional lens, you’re investing in a therapeutic journey that is holistic, empathetic, and deeply transformative.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed, seeking alternative treatments, or looking for specialized ADHD therapy in Auckland, I’m here to support, guide, and empower you every step of the way.

Understanding ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that primarily affects one’s attention and self-control.

It is usually diagnosed in childhood, but its symptoms can continue into adulthood. This condition manifests in various ways and can significantly influence daily life, relationships, and academic or occupational performance.

Symptoms and Types

ADHD symptoms can be categorized into two primary groups: inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity.

Inattention: This doesn’t merely mean that a person has difficulty focusing. Symptoms can include becoming easily distracted, missing details, forgetting things, having difficulty organizing tasks, or overlooking steps in routine procedures.

Hyperactivity-Impulsivity: This can translate to fidgeting or tapping hands or feet, inability to remain seated in situations where it’s expected, running or climbing in inappropriate situations, constant talking, or frequently interrupting others.

There are three main types of ADHD based on which symptoms are most prominent in the individual:

Predominantly Inattentive Presentation (often referred to as ADD): Main symptoms revolve around inattention and distractibility without much hyperactivity or impulsiveness.

Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation: This type is where hyperactivity and impulsiveness are predominant without inattention.

Combined Presentation: This is the most common type, where both inattention and hyperactive-impulsive symptoms are equally present.

Causes and Diagnosis of ADHD

The exact cause of ADHD remains unknown, but a combination of genetics, brain chemistry imbalances, and environmental factors might contribute.

Prenatal exposures, such as alcohol or nicotine from smoking, can increase the risk. Moreover, lead exposure, premature birth, or low birth weight might also play roles in the development of ADHD.

Diagnosis involves a comprehensive evaluation by a mental health professional.

This process helps to distinguish ADHD from other potential conditions and ensure an accurate diagnosis.

The Impact of ADHD

Without appropriate interventions, ADHD can lead to numerous challenges, including academic struggles, difficulties in relationships, low self-esteem, and job-related issues.

However, with proper treatment and guidance, individuals with ADHD can lead successful, fulfilling lives. They often excel in areas requiring creativity, enthusiasm, and energy.

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