As a client or list member of Caroline Cranshaw and Mind Body Health, you have the opportunity to refer us to an associate, family member or friend in your network. We trust that you enjoyed the experience and learnt concepts and tools that have helped you and that you may want to share this opportunity with others that you know.

Our programmes are unique in that they include, 360 degree assessment (pre programme) workshop delivery, one-on-one coaching, project delivery, application presentations and 360 degree assessment (post programme). The programmes are fully integrated into the Business deliverables and ensure an excellent return on investment.

Caroline Cranshaw facilitates onsite workshops and corporate health coaching in the following areas:

·      Stress Mastery

·      Corporate Wellbeing

·      Weight Management

·      Smoking Cessation

·      Health and Wellness

·      One on One Personalized Coaching

We also facilitate strategic planning days and facilitation of workshops around any business outcome that is required. Our team includes Registered Psychologists and experienced Facilitators and Coaches.

All you need to do is to talk to your contact telling them about our workshops and then if they are interested in a discussion to determine their needs, e-mail us personally and send us the person’s contact details to and let them know to expect a call for a meeting with us. If this leads to a sale, you will receive a commission.