Helping you to be confident, sexy and manifest everything your heart desires…

Transforme is a course for empowering women developed and taught by Caroline Cranshaw – Hypnotherapist and Life coach

This course is designed to teach you to sit in the drivers’ seat of your life so you achieve your goals and realize your unique potential. This course will teach you how to be a confident, sexy woman that lets nothing hold you back from the life of your dreams. These principals will be embedded at the deepest level at the end of each class (through hypnosis), so they become second nature to you.

Feeling confident and sexy is not about changing the way you look.  It is not about overexercising, starving yourself, or cosmetic surgery.  It is an attitude.  One that you can learn. However, feeling confident and sexy is only one part of what we will cover. I have spent the last fifteen years learning every aspect of the law of attraction and will teach you what really works.

We use visualization and group exercises to help you embody your dreams and manifest your desires. Using hypnosis at the end of every class to integrate everything you learn, plus having a group of amazing woman to connect with and direct their focus on helping you to attract what you really desire. The power of a group energy to accelerate the manifestation of whatever it is you want to attract.

You have the right to feel gorgeous, sexy, supported and abundant in all aspects of your life. No matter what!

The four nights will cover confidence, sensuality, how to be sexy, the art of seduction, manifestation and conjuring up what you desire.

What you will learn from this course:

·  How to have confidence, confidence, and more confidence
·  How to attract and manifest what you desire: money, men, friends and opportunities
·  How to be present in your body and use your energy to become irresistible and magnetic
·  How to identify your deepest desires and let go of the fears that stop you from satisfying them
·  How to connect with your femininity and intuition and tap into your dreams and passions
·  How to feel comfortable and confident with your sensuality and sexuality
·  How to be accepting of the beauty of your own body—and not compare yourself to other women

In the process, you will connect with an amazing group of women to embark on this adventure
together, supporting each other all the way.