The Art of Stress
Caroline Cranshaw and Lynlee Wilson both suffered from extreme stress and burnout and through that experience, learned the most effective ways to deal with it. They have both very successfully worked with and helped large numbers of people who were suffering anxiety and stress related illnesses.
This in turn inspired them to collaborate together to develop a workshop using what they found to be the most effective at managing and mastering stress both personally and professionally. The Art of Stress Mastery Courses are workshops for corporates looking to provide cutting edge education on the management of stress and the most effective tools in order to master the stress response.
The Art of Stress Team has extensive experience in helping organizations safeguard themselves against the damaging effects of stress. New Zealand O.S.H. legislation specifically includes stress and fatigue as factors that have the potential to cause harm. Factors that cause stress and fatigue are now “hazards” and it is mandatory to manage them. Dr Maureen Dollard spoke at the IIR Conference in Sydney in that at least AUD$200 million per year is paid out for stress claims in Australia.
We are on a crusade to provide the tools and techniques to create calm and well-being. Imagine all team members easily able to adapt with the constant change and workplace challenges faced on a daily basis. Productivity and engagement increased; relationships stronger and more authentic, all employees finding it easier to cope with workplace challenges.
The effect will be pervasive, once each team member masters the techniques we will share with them, their whole life will be positively impacted and overall stress will reduce. Ultimately your team will be happier, calmer and able to create some truly amazing results for the business and themselves.