How Does Hypnosis Work?

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Caroline CranshawHypnosis…

At times it’s easier to describe hypnosis by explaining what it’s not…

It’s not sleep…  It’s not unconsciousness…  It’s not giving up control…

Hypnosis is a technique of a mental programming.  It’s an altered state of highly focused consciousness in which the conscious or awake mind is bypassed and the subconscious mind (below conscious awareness) is directly accessed. The subconscious mind is far more influential than the conscious mind. 

It’s the center of all memory, and through it you can access memories, emotions, and events suppressed or repressed by your conscious mind.  In fact, your subconscious mind can reveal facts, information and the root cause of feelings, behaviours, and attitudes; these, in turn, can be created, strengthened, modified or eliminated according to your needs.

Hypnosis helps the most when you have trouble shifting a habit or achieving access to that part of the memory you normally can’t have access to.  Hypnosis will help you stop smoking, lose weight, improve your relationships, release a fear, or reverse a problem.  It will help you see how negative habits have been drawn into your life, and how you can change them. If you have a habit or a phobia which you’d like to be free of, use Hypnotherapy.

You can also use it to deal with relationships, anger, stress and anxiety.  You can learn faster, advance your career, improve athletic performance, manage pain, or succeed in sales.  The list truly is endless. I can also teach you the secrets of self-hypnosis so that you not only progress on your own, you continue to create and experience dramatic results.

I use many different techniques for my hypnotic sessions depending on the individual and their individual situations and beliefs.

Here is a short description of some of the techniques I use:

Regression – The paradox of regression work is that what makes it significant is its relevance to the here and now. We bring traumas from our past with us into the present and filter our view of ourselves and the world through the lenses of those past experiences. What a difference a regression session can make…great leaps forward with permanent results.

BrainGestalt Therapy and Gestalt Dreamwork – Gestalt therapy integrates the body and mind, by stressing awareness and integration. Incorporating behaviours, feelings, and thinking is the main purpose in Gestalt therapy.  Gestalt is very powerful method to clear past wounds and to bring understanding and acceptance to our lives.  Dreams contain more than unresolved issues; they are the method by which the subconscious and super conscious minds speak to us.

Gestalt Dreamwork opens the door to the subconscious and gives us insight in to what’s really going on for us. By learning to interact with the aspects of our dreams, we can recover forgotten strengths and talents expressed in the dream, resolve issues and find the necessary power to overcome addictions.

Parts Therapy and Ego State Therapy – Sometimes there are parts our psyche that are in conflict with the rest of us or in conflict with our conscious minds. Have you ever said “part of me really wants to change, but there is another part that doesn’t.” Or “part of me wants to lose weight but there is another part that thinks it’s just too hard.” This is a normal psychological phenomenon because we all have parts of our personality that have split off and keep us struggling to make decisions. Just as with any team effort, life flows better when our parts are working together. This is an amazing technique to get in touch with those parts and to bring them into alignment so that your goals can be achieved.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – When you tap on certain acupressure points and say out loud a selected Key Phrase, this dissolves the blockage. It’s like pressing the “Delete” key on your computer. A highly effective energy psychology technique.

Guided Imagery – The natural language of the unconscious mind, imagery, helps people connect with deeper resources available to them at the cognitive, emotional and somatic levels. By prompting pictures that symbolize their problems and exploring what the images mean, clients can experience profound psychological and physiological changes and feel empowered to conquer their own pain and suffering. The solutions are there, in their minds, and the guide is there to help find them.

Time Line Therapy – A simple process that allows you to let go of all the negative emotions and limiting decisions from the past and to create your future the way you want it created by Tad James.

The Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is particularly helpful when you’re having difficulty changing negative attitudes or behaviours, or can’t access your conscious or subconscious mind.

Gaining access can impact your life tremendously.  You can stop smoking or overeating, you can lose weight or stop stagnating.  You can cope with and overcome whatever fears or phobias are holding you back.

The American Medical Association (AMA) has recognized hypnosis as a beneficial treatment for well over four decades. In a review of literature published in Psychotherapy magazine (Volume 7, Number 1, Alfred A Barrios, PhD) various techniques were profiled.

Success rates with lasting results:

* hypnotherapy—93% after six sessions

* behaviour therapy—72% after 22 sessions

* psychotherapy—38% after 699 sessions!