Self help for anxiety and stress


1.  Keeping your mouth moist – when you become fearful or nervous, one of the first things that happens is your mouth goes dry, as your sympathetic nervous system kicks in. This starts off a chain of physiological events, such as your breathing and heart rate speeding up, your body pumps out adrenalin and cortisol causing the “flight or fight response”. This is good if you are in a dangerous situation so you can run away, but unfortunately your mind can keep triggering that response after a stressful event causing anxiety and panic.

By consciously thinking about keeping your mouth moist, your breathing deep and even – your body goes “oh our mouth is moist, our breathing is slow and even, everything must be ok.” And your body calms down. It’s a great tip that’s really easy to use in any stressful situation.

2. Visualization – Getting into a comfortable position, closing your eyes, relaxing the muscles from the top of your head, down to the tips of your toes. You can imagine a place you have been that was very relaxing for you or you can imagine a white light pouring in the top of your head and washing away any stress, any tension, any anxiety or pain down out your feet. This is very calming and soothing to the nervous system which will help you relax and handle any situation better.

3. Change your expression and posture – Sit up or stand up straight and smile. I know this sound simplistic but how you hold yourself really affects how you feel.  If you are slumped over with a grumpy look, you feel like crap. If you sit up straight and smile, you may know you’re not happy but your brain doesn’t.  Your body–mind registers the muscles at your eyes and mouth and signals to your brain to calm down and produce endorphins.

Endorphins are amazing hormones we can release at will. The pharmaceutical companies can’t manufacture anything as powerful and we have it on tap. Our brain is like a bartender and through our thoughts and actions we can influence what type of drinks it makes. We have a lot more control over our mind and body than we realize. Watch your thoughts, your unconscious mind takes everything you say literally and makes it your reality.

4. Eye patch therapy – To quiet the mind, stop negative thinking, reduce stress and anxiety and strengthen the connection of your right and left brain. If you continue to see life as you have always seen it, you will continue to receive from life what you always have. Unless you change your thought processes about life, you will continue to experience life as you have in the past. Patching your eyes provides your brain with a new outlook on life. Even when done over a few days, patching can drastically quiet your busy mind, change your perspective and your underlying beliefs.

This therapy personally changed my life, after just four days of using a hard eye patch on one eye and then the other, (while keeping both eyes open for fifteen minutes on each side), my mind was quiet, I stopped worrying, negative thinking almost disappeared, my sleep improved and my confidence went up. To read more about this amazing therapy, read my article about it here.

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