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  • Caroline is the most inspiring and gifted hypnotherapist I've ever known - whose psychological insights, mind-body understanding, and wicked sense of humor have made a significant impact on my thinking, as well as everyone she meets. She has advanced understanding of hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and mind-body therapy techniques to empower her clients to heal their bodies and minds, find meaning and purpose in their challenges and feel enthusiastic about the future and all its infinite possibilities. If you need change - look no further. ~ Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer and founder of The American Alliance of Hypnotists and The American University of NLP–Dr. Steve G. Jones

  • Having been fortunate enough to have a session with Caroline I cannot speak more highly of her. She has a very open, calming, genuine, caring energy which makes you feel right at ease like you're catching up with an old old friend. As Alan Deutschman says in the book Change or Die, the first step in change is finding someone you can connect with on an emotional level that inspires change. Combine this with someone who is talented at their craft & passionate about what they do and you have Caroline. Again. Highly Recommended.–Daniel

  • I have often heard of others explaining that when meeting someone new they change your life and Caroline is one of those life changing people. I was dealing with far too many stressful and deep emotional issues when I met her last week and naturally I was incredibly skeptical and a little frightened about hypnotherapy. Caroline greeted me with compassion, sincerity, warmth and humor and after a session with her I felt like a new person and in control. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is dealing with something they feel that is out of their control, no matter how big or small. Caroline, thank you, you changed my life!–Rachael

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Kirsten says: From the first step into the room, Caroline puts you at ease. She has an air of trust about her, something I consider important if you have arrived to be treated with hypnotherapy for the first time. Using kinesiology, Caroline asked some pertinent questions and the answers became clear. In fact, she was able to cut through to the core issues in minutes, something the other healers and therapists have not been able to do. Being under hypnotherapy was certainly a different experience but I came away from my appointment with a feeling of calm and a plan of what I needed to do to change my life for the better.

John says: Having found myself in such a troubled and painful period of my life, the knowledge, understanding and calming direction of Caroline’s session has brought a very real sense of positivity and hope for my immediate and long term future. The openness and professionalism of the session is such a credit to her and her work, as is the very real changes in myself in just the one session. As a previous sceptic, the highest recommendation I can give to others is that I am excited by the thought of a follow up session and my continued growth in a couple of weeks.

Alexa says: I met Caroline for the first time last week and it was a great experience. I have never been to a hypnotherapist before and was very nervous. Caroline was awesome – immediately put me at ease and I found myself opening up to her like I never have ever before. I was with her for two hours and the whole time I was relaxed and able to be open and honest. Just talking to her caused me to have some “a-ha” moments and has opened up some other areas I need to work on. My reason for going to her was to help with weight loss, and in the four days since I’ve seen her I’ve completely lost my cravings for junk food. I already feel more relaxed and at peace with myself and am looking forward to my next session with Caroline.

Susan says: Many thanks Caroline for the session. I came away feeling refreshed and rejuvinated. The future looks alot better now than the way it looked before i came to see you. I loved the openness and warmth of the experience.

Mike says: Met Caroline for the first time this week, was a bit hesitant at first but her extremely professional manner put me at ease. I was there for a little over a hour and a half and really enjoyed my first hypnotherapy experience. With her relaxing atmosphere i found it quite easy to open up. I felt comfortable with her and she was really easy to talk to. When i left her office i felt their was something different but can not put my finger on it. Caroline gave me a cd which i have only listened to parts of, but I’m sure when i hear the rest it will help. Thanks a lot, can not wait till next session.

Justin says: Caroline helped me shift some monumental obstacles, and to shift how I see my performance and path. She kept it simple yet clear. We went deep with my stuff yet she kept me focused on what I can do with today. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone seeking a true professional in making your life better. She exposed energy I had left dormant for far too long.

John says: It was good to vent feelings locked away in a space away from the world.Caroline helped me by voicing everything I was feeling in an understanding way, non judgmental and a willingness to get to the cause of a problem. Yes it was worth the effort to go and see her,the CD is also very educating. I have learn’t a lot about myself and my subconscious mind.Thanks Caroline.

Diane says: I had my first session with Caroline the other day and really enjoyed her comfortable relaxed but extremely professional manner. I have experienced many different complimentary therapists in my time and will definitely be going back for another session.

Julie says: Caroline is such a warm, apporachable person I felt incredibly comfortable with her. The hypnotherapy was amazing and I have had control of my addiction after just one session! I would recommend Caroline to anyone wanting to undergo hypnotherapy. Thank You Big Time for being who you are Caroline.

Rohit says: Just had my 1st session a few days ago , feeling little bit different and just looking forward to it all. Caroline is a very warm person and easy to talk to. The tools she offers through the CD are very useful. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to move ahead in their life, whether it is through addressing some issues or trying to excel in a field.

Carol says: I enjoyed my first meeting with Caroline, she has a natural gift for making you feel relaxed an at ease. Caroline is very professional, though in her company it is like talking to a friend. I feel my confidence and determination returning. Caroline has helped me make changes in my life that I wanted to do but my head was in a muddle, I look forward to my next session. Highly recommend Caroline if you need to move forward in your life.

Hayden says: Firstly I have to thank myself for finally choosing Hypnotherapy as a solution to my smoking habit, then Caroline as the person who made it so effortless. To be honest I left my session wondering what if anything had happened, sure I had a huge grin on my face and felt fantastic which considering I had been quite depressed for days before hand was an achievement in itself. But am I now a non-smoker? It wasn’t till that afternoon that I realized I still felt great and have not had a single craving or even a thought for smoking. I honestly felt like I had never been a smoker at all. Honestly!

I had been a smoker for 13 years, tried to stop on many occasions of late, with my most successful being a 7 month stint using Champix (an expensive drug). Champix was great but this…. Hypnotherapy….WOW! I still had cravings and anxiety with Champix, granted it was easier than ‘cold turkey’ but to feel like you had never been a smoker at all after one 1.5hr session, incredible! I am so grateful to Caroline, I feel fantastic and are 100% sure this is it, I will never smoke a disgusting cigarette ever again! Thanks Caroline. I will be back, once I have set some goals for my business as I am so sure with your help I cannot fail.

Sharyn says: In previous piano exams, I have totally ruined my performance by uncontrollable shaking, sweating and being unable to keep my mind on what I was doing. The exam I have just sat was more to me a test of being able to perform at the best level possible. I had several sessions with Caroline, the last being the day before. I had seven pieces to perform and my hands were completely steady by the middle of the second piece. At one stage in the exam I was able to think, “I am really enjoying this”.

After 40 years of performance nerves, I can’t quite believe I came out of the exam with a big smile on my face, and a pulse that wasn’t ready to explode. Caroline was warm, professional, empathetic, and went beyond the bounds of what I expected. I am so grateful, next thing will be weight loss. Thank you so much.

Marion says: It has only been a couple of days since my first visit to Caroline and so far so good. I feel as though at last I will succeed in my endeavour. Caroline is very professional and at the same time very friendly and made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of hypnotherapy.

Anita says: Caroline empathised whilst remaining professional. Explained everything very clearly. I felt safe. Gave lots of good advice and resources as well as the hypnosis which is already showing results.

Stephen says: Hi, I have been controlled by my gambling addiction for 15 years, progressively it has eaten away at ant positive or good emotions in me. After a total crashing of all parts of my life I finally realised the control it had over me and decided to just stop. I also realised that after 15 years i had heard and seen every philosophy/cure/reason to stop and it was all inside me i just needed the tools and desire to use them. I have the desire now and feel that i also now have the tools to finally beat this after one session with Caroline.

I look forward to follow up sessions to further strengthen this along with addressing the many personality and self belief issues i developed during this 15 year addiction. Whilst I don’t totally understand how Caroline has enabled me to focus on my many positive attributes rather than dwell on my negative behaviour of the past. This is very liberating and allows me to finally look to the future and smile.

Ellen says: Caroline has all the qualities I appreciate in a health practitioner. She has a wide knowledge base, a caring demeanour and a professional approach. I felt I had been listened to and treated with respect, compassion and understanding. Caroline took the time to explain the process thoroughly and I always felt at ease. Following my session I have a greater sense of well-being and peace of mind. I was impressed that Caroline took the time to provide me with resources, including a CD, book recommendations and exercises, so that I could gain the knowledge to help myself move forward. I highly recommend Caroline and am very grateful for the work we did.

Chris says: Its a few days after my first visit and I still feel so positive, I keep on wanting to pinch myself. Caroline was very informative and I felt so at ease, thank you for that. I am finding the CD very helpful too, and still have a lot to try out. Thanks again and will see you again shortly.

Peter says: I have experienced significant positive changes in my life after only a few sessions with Caroline. I have also experienced changes in areas that I didn’t even initially discuss with Caroline. The CDs which she gave me to use between sessions have also become an important tool to continue to make further improvements. The sessions were relaxing and enjoyable and I came out feeling refreshed and energised.

Lisa says: This was my first visit. Going through major life changes and breaking free from my past and holding pattern, the session with Caroline allowed me to have clarity and vision to move forward. I felt so safe with Caroline, and during our time, I didn’t feel like I was anywhere except in my own head. It was incredible! I am so looking forward to our next session to continue to move forward. I can only highly recommend Caroline to everyone, she is exceptional on every level and I felt safe, secure, and important with her.

Kristen says: I went to Caroline when I had a relentless ulcer in my stomach and was losing weight from the discomfort of eating. In one session I felt my pain disappear and within a couple days my body had settled down and I was able to eat again. Furthermore, after a that same session, I found great relief from the anxiety I had been experiencing in my life for quite some time. I highly recommend Caroline for physical or emotional work.

Anita says: My daughter (age 8) had a severe phobia of the dentist, so much so she had to be anesthetized to have any work done. After one visit with Caroline, she was calm and relaxed at her next dental appointment even during three fillings and a pulled tooth! I highly recommend Caroline for anyone with a phobia or fear.

Mary says: After years of diets and struggling with my weight, I lost 12 kgs after 3 sessions with Caroline. My cravings are gone and I look forward to exercising. I look better than I did when I was 25!

Steve says: Just wanted to let you know I have not had a smoke since our session 6 months ago and I didn’t gain any weight either. Thank you so much for your help. I feel like a new man.

Julie says: Hi Caroline, I have not had a migraine for three months now. After twenty years of migraines at least once a week, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Even my doctor asked for your number. I hope you liked the cake. Thanks again.