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Watch Caroline on Seven Sharp talking about porn addiction.

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  • Caroline is the most inspiring and gifted hypnotherapist I've ever known - whose psychological insights, mind-body understanding, and wicked sense of humor have made a significant impact on my thinking, as well as everyone she meets.  She has advanced understanding of hypnotherapy, coaching, NLP and mind-body therapy techniques to empower her clients to heal their bodies and minds, find meaning and purpose in their challenges and feel enthusiastic about the future and all its infinite possibilities. If you need change - look no further.– Steve G. Jones ,M.Ed., Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Trainer and founder of The American Alliance of Hypnotists and The American University of NLP

  • Having been fortunate enough to have a session with Caroline I cannot speak more highly of her. She has a very open, calming, genuine, caring energy which makes you feel right at ease like you're catching up with an old old friend. As Alan Deutschman says in the book Change or Die, the first step in change is finding someone you can connect with on an emotional level that inspires change. Combine this with someone who is talented at their craft & passionate about what they do and you have Caroline. Again. Highly Recommended.–Daniel

  • Having found myself in such a troubled and painful period of my life, the knowledge, understanding and calming direction of Caroline's session has brought a very real sense of positivity and hope for my immediate and long term future. The openness and professionalism of the session is such a credit to her and her work, as is the very real changes in myself in just the one session. As a previous sceptic, the highest recommendation I can give to others is that I am excited by the thought of a follow up session and my continued growth in a couple of weeks.–John

  • I have often heard of others explaining that when meeting someone new they change your life and Caroline is one of those life changing people. I was dealing with far too many stressful and deep emotional issues when I met her last week and naturally I was incredibly skeptical and a little frightened about hypnotherapy. Caroline greeted me with compassion, sincerity, warmth and humor and after a session with her I felt like a new person and in control. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is dealing with something they feel that is out of their control, no matter how big or small. Caroline, thank you, you changed my life! –Racheal

  • From the first step into the room, Caroline puts you at ease.  She has an air of trust about her, something I consider important if you have arrived to be  treated with hypnotherapy for the first time.  Using kinesiology, Caroline asked some pertinent questions and the answers became clear.  In fact, she was able to cut through to the core issues in minutes, something the other healers and therapists have not been able to do.  Being under hypnotherapy was certainly a different experience but I came away from my appointment with a feeling of calm and a plan of what I needed to do to change my life for the better.–Kirsten